Movie Illustration Percutaneous vertebroplasty set


Description : This movie shows local anesthesia of skin, subcutaneous layers, spinal muscles and periosteum along the pathway.


Description : This movie shows the dual guidance system of CT and fluoroscopy


Description : This movie describes the sterility conditions under which vertebroplasty should be performed in order to avoid any septic complications.


Description : This movie illustrates vertebral puncture (transpedicular route) under dual guidance CT and fluoroscopy.


Description : The movie describes the use of the vertebroplasty needle bevel. The aim of this bevel is to allow precise course correction of the needle inside bone tissue by changing the bevel direction (fig 34). Hammering will lead the needle on the course determined by the bevel direction. According to the bevel tip direction (right, left, up or down) the course of the needle will be modified. This technique allows an optimal placement of the vertebroplasty needle.


Description : After vertebral puncture the stylet of the needle is removed. If bleeding is observed a phlebogram should be performed.


Description : This movie illustrates cement preparation. A package of methyl methacrylate (Howmedica®, Microlok®, Palacos or Simplex®) low viscosity is composed of 20 g powder and 20 ml fluid monomer. The acrylic glue is obtained by mixing the two components. Then half of the glue is thrown away. 3g of tantalum are added to the mixture in order to increase the radiopacity of the cement.


Description : The movie shows cement injection under fluoroscopy control. In this case indication was osteoporosis ; optimal vertebral filling is required. A CT control is made at the end of the procedure.


Description : The movie shows cement injection under fluoroscopy control. In this case the indication is metastasis and a low volume of cement is sufficient (2-3 ml). Before starting the injection of the glue a reference picture of the vertebral body is fixed on the right monitor, thus allowing better estimation of the filling and a quicker diagnosis of eventual leaks.


Description : Vertebroplasty performed in a patient with severe osteoporosis with vertebral collapse