about us


about us

At the beginning there was a simple idea : why to waste so much time doing  paper posters for RSNA and ECR for destroying them after congress. So we started to write all our posters as html electronic presentations.

Then it was clear that it would be interesting to publish our work on interventional radiology, all this educational material free on the Internet. The University Louis Pasteur of Strasbourg first hosted us. But after a year our site was so huge, especially since we published all the video material that we had to move. Now we have our personal server. This was made possible only by the Open Source free software foundation. The server is running with a SUSE 9 open Linux operating system, the web server is apache GNU, the system is actually running very well, it's stable, reliable and costs nothing only the know how is required.

Publishing on the internet high value pages with minimal costs is actually possible by using the free Open source server software like Linux OS Apache mod_php and Zope. Our hope is that this open principle could be enlarged and applied to science itself. If successful the open source principle could become a major revolution.

S. Guth