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56-year-old man with a painful large scapular metastasis due to a lung cancer.

The ground pad is inserted close to the lesion.

40 minutes of monopolar RF energy was delivered to the lesion with continuous infusion of hypertonic saline.

MR imaging demonstrates large but incomplete necrosis of the tumor after RF ablation.



Extremely painful osteolytic humeral metastasis.

The needle electrode in inserted in the osteolutic lesion.  RF ablation for 10 minutes (50 W and 62 ml/hours of 5.85% hypertonic saline infusion).

Large necrosis after RF ablation.  Pain relief 48 hours after RF ablation.



Lung cancer patient with a painful scapular metastasis.  RF ablation with excellent pain relief.

RF ablation with a single session of 8 minutes.  Complete pain relief after 24 hours.



Thyroid cancer with large metastasis.  The lesion is too large to be treated with radioisotope. Association of RF ablation and radioisotope therapy.

RF ablation reduces the lesion first and the rest of the tumor is treated with radioisotope therapy (Iodine 131).



Painful spinal metastases.  The lesion with large paravertebral extension was treated with RF ablation.  The second painful metastasis was limited to the vertebral body and was treated successfully with vertebroplasty.

The RF electrode was placed in 3 different positions to increase the coagulation size.

The osteolytic metastasis limited to the right hemivertebra was treated by vertebroplasty.  An excellent pain relief was obtained in this patient with the association of RF ablation and vertebroplasty.