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  • Sterile drapes, tampons
  • 22-gauge needle, scalpel
  • Surgical hammer may be required
  • Biopsy needle, a drilling device may be required :
    • 2-mm-diameter hand drill
    • or 14-gauge Bonopty Penetration set (RADI Medical Systems Uppsala, Sweden)
    • or 14-gauge bone Ostycut biopsy needle (Ostycut, Angiomed / Bard, Karlsruhe, Germany)
    • or a 8-gauge trephine needle (Laredo type)
  • Iodine, 1% lidocaine

Fig 1: PBMS material 22-g. needle, scalpel, iodine, 1% lidocaine

Fig 3: PBMS 8-gauge trephine needle

Fig 4: PBMS tip of the 8-gauge trefine needle

Fig 2: 18-gauge needle, 14-gauge bone Ostycut biopsy needle, 14-gauge Bonopty penetration set