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local anesthesia

Anesthesia and bone puncture

  • Bone biopsy is usually performed under local anesthesia. Neuroleptanalgesia may be necessary for painful lesions. General anesthesia is used only in children .
  • The procedure is carried out under strict sterility. The skin's subcutaneous layers, muscles and the periosteum are infiltrated by local anethesia ( 1% lidocaine ) with a 22-gauge needle.
  • The position of the 22-gauge needle is checked by fluoroscopy and CT. For bone puncture the biopsy needle is guided safely under CT guidance. Fluoroscopy is used in conjunction with CT whenever drilling is necessary.
  • Cortical perforation may require the aid of a surgical hammer.

Fig 17: PMSB local anesthesia

Fig 15:PMSB local anesthesia

Fig 16: PMSB puncture