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Complications of PMSB are very rare. Possible and reported complications are :

  • The major complication is septic osteitis. To avoid this complication, severe sterility during the intervention is mandatory.
  • Hematoma
  • Reflex sympathetic dystrophy
  • Neural and vascular injuries.
  • Pneumothorax


Murphin et al, in a large review of 9500 percutaneous skeletal biopsies, identified 22 complications ( 0.2% ). They reported 9 pneumothoraxes, 3 cases of menigitis, 5 spinal cord injuries. Serious neurological injury occured in 0.08% of procedures. Death occured in 0.02%. Only two complications were observed among our 180 patients These consisted of paravertebral hematomas which resolved spontaneously. This low level of complications seems to be related to the systematic use of dual guidance providing precise and real-time control.