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bone metastasis radiofrequency

Radiofrequency Ablation of Bone Metastases

Afshin Gangi MD, PhD. Stephane Guth MD. Jean-Pierre Imbert MD. Horia Marin MD. Mi Yung Jeung MD. Lisa Wong MD.(  ECR 2003 Cum Laude )

A special note of gratitude goes to Stephen Ferron, Irving Freedmann and Petra Gangi for checking the presentation


Abstract: The purpose of this exhibit is to report our experience in radiofrequency ablation of bone metastases. Between January 1999 and January 2002, 68 patients with bone metastases were treated in our department. The technique, indications, and contraindications of radiofrequency ablation are described and illustrated. A wet mono- or bi-polar electrode is used for the ablation (Berchtold incl. Tuttlingen, Germany). The major indication is palliative treatment of bone metastases and pain management. However, curative ablation is performed in some special cases like bone metastases of thyroid cancer. In these cases, the treatment begins with radio frequency ablation with destruction of more than 90% of the lesion followed by 131- iodine therapy to complete the ablation of residual tumor. Complete necrosis was observed in 85% of cases. Radio-frequency ablation of bone metastases was promising in pain management with 78% of satisfactory results.