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Radio frequency Ablation (RFA) is becoming the most commonly used and perhaps most promising minimally invasive modality for hepatic tumors ablation: most patients with primary (hepatocellular carcinoma) and secondary liver cancer are not candidates for curative resection. Many recur after resection and all of them are potential candidates for combined treatment: chemotherapy, surgery and RFA. All the authors agree that tumors < 3 cm are potentially curatively treatable by RFA. But objectives to treat bigger tumors remain topical, thanks to combined treatments and progress in RF devices. The goals of this poster presentation are to describe and to evaluate the efficacy, the adverse effects and complications of RFA for liver tumors with a wet electrode. In addition it demonstrates the advantages of the C T guidance. This presentation also assesses the future interest of 5 % hypertonic saline infusion and bipolar technique with this type of wet electrode.