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the web standarts


Web pages are so-called hypertext pages.  Their appearance, text and image content is defined by a so called “HyperText Markup Language” or HTML.  The following text is in HTML and the output of these HTML lines read by a web navigator like MS Internet explorer is what you are actually reading.

Figure 2b. These few HTML lines, read by a web navigator, will look like the above displayed text.


Images are displayed as JPEG or GIF files. GIF and JPEG are compressed images, compression allowing shorter files; they can be transmitted faster by the net. These image file formats are used for the internet because people don't like to wait for the graphics to load.

Figure 2a. Vertebroplasty JPEG image, quality 80%, smoothing 2, size 6.89k, Load time 2sec at 128kbps (kilobytes per second ).

Figure 2c. Vertebroplasty under fluoroscopy, drawing, GIF image, 16 colors, size 6.88k, load time 2sec at 128kbps (kilobytes per second ).