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The Internet has changed the way of thinking in many fields.  Applied to science, the Internet revolution has not been fulfilled yet.  The coming trend is online publication over the Internet.  This will require authors to move from paper photos, plain film images and conventional slides to Internet-compatible web pages.  The ability to create web content may therefore be needed for scientific publications.  The aim of this presentation is to provide this know-how.  We have split the subject into three separate levels of difficulty, each independent of the others.

How to read this poster:

  • Level I: this part of the poster is designed for physicians who have never published web content.  This part is independent of the levels below and the poster may only be read at level I. This is for the lazy ones.
  • Level II: this part of the poster is especially  for physicians who are not used to publishing web content, but  already have some experience in it. This section is more complicated.
  • Level III: this part of the poster is aimed at physicians who are already used to publishing web content.  This is especially for the crazy ones (you know who you are).