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WYSIWYG HTML Editors are able to produce web pages with high value graphical design but are very difficult to use.  The other actual real solution for publishing web pages is a simple tool: MS PowerPoint.  It’s simple, quick, and efficient; everyone knows how to use it.  It’s the perfect tool for the lazy ones.  Used on an adapted web sever it could become a fantastic publishing standard. 

An application server, Zope or Php based can be a good solution for publishing on the internet, as physicians who are not used to publishing web content are able to produce high quality web pages with it quickly, efficiently and without long learning process.  Moreover these application servers have user management capacities that would permit massive multi user teamwork as in on line papers (perhaps in an Open source way). Zope may be a perfect tool for an online paper.  Database connectivity would permit to work with huge image databases on line through the Internet efficiently.  However it is long and difficult to set up Zope and further improvements in reliability and speed are needed. Our hope is that there will be further improvements in Zope and Php based application servers. In any case, publishing for the web will need for physicians to have a basic knowledge about HTML, on web image formatting and optimization.