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for lazy ones

Guth S. MD, Gangi A MD PHD, Imbert J.P. MD, Marin H. MD

Department of Radiology University Louis Pasteur Strasbourg

A special note of gratitude goes to Stephen Ferron, Irving Freedmann and Petra Gangi for checking the presentation


How to realize an electronic poster or presentation for lazy ones


Abstract: The aim of this exhibit is to describe the realization of an electronic poster presentation on html basis. We used windows or Linux operating system. Three different levels of complexity are presented for the realization of an electronic presentation. In all levels the presentation is written in html standard. The first level is simple but effective and needs Microsoft Office PowerPoint. The second level more sophisticated uses Macromedia Dreamweaver and Fireworks to create the presentation. The third level is technically difficult; it uses Zope as a multi-user web factory for creating dynamic database connected web sites. Each level is illustrated with examples and step per step description. It can be very easy to realize a simple electronic presentation in html with standard software like Microsoft office; however advanced design, database connectivity and some web-contents need more advanced methods.

How to read this poster:

  • Level I: this part of the poster is made for physicians who never published web content. This part is independent from levels below and the poster may only be read at level I. This is for lazy ones
  • Level II: this part of the poster is made for physicians who are not used to publish web content, but have already an experience of it. This part is more complicated
  • Level III: this part of the poster is made for physicians who are already used to publish web content. This is only for crazy ones