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server improvement 09-11-2004

A new server is now displaying the web site pages. It ‘s a new PC based on an AMD Athlon 3000 MHz on a Gigabyte GIGABYTE Socket A VIA KT600 motherboard.

The operating system is a modified SUSE 9.0 OS with Apache 2 web server, Zope 2.7server, Python 2.3.3 libraries and plone2 CMS.

New improvements include an integrated spell checker, an image database system allowing using our huge image database and a mature web based WYSIWYG editor called Epoz. I hope it will be as stable and secure as the old server…Enjoy.
The server had to be down for some time between 11 and 12-09-2004 to do this. I’m sorry for it, but it takes a while to restore all the parameters and to get on line again.